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Keeping Gentoo Up To Date These are a few steps I like to run to update my box. If you don’t know what the command does, look it up. I take no responsibility if it hoses your box. Sync your portage: emerge --sync Update all packages: emerge -DuNqa world Remove old dependencies: emerge --depclean -qa Check for and fix broken libraries: revdep-rebuild -i -- -qa Verify you have removed old libraries and fix linking to them:

Remove Windows IPv6 Transition Network Adapters

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Make sure to run your command prompt as administrator for these commands to work. netsh interface 6to4 set state disabled netsh interface teredo set state disabled netsh interface isatap set state disabled References

EXT4FS Tweaks

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When you format a new partition with EXT4FS, 5% of the available space is reserved for root things. So basically the df command will show 5% less available. I noticed this while backing up stuff from my fileserver to a drive on my desktop. My desktop was saying I had 0% free, but was still able to put things on it, probably because I was doing it as root. Anyways, you can see how much is being reserved on your partition with “dumpe2fs -h /dev/sd?

Python Sendmail

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A quick and easy script to send mail with python.

Scripting BASH Sessions

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Logging your BASH sessions can be useful to keep a log of what you have done on your computer or spy on other users. This is a basic example of how to use the script program and a login script to automatically create a separate log file for each terminal session. Code The code can be put into one of several different files. ~/.bash_profile would be for per user logging and /etc/profile or /etc/bash/bashrc can be used to log all users on the box.


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Add these two lines to your /etc/inputrc or ~/.inputrc if you want CTRL+Left to skip to the previous and CTRL+Right to skip to the next word in PuTTY. "\eOD": backward-word "\eOC": forward-word