Get Latest Release From GitHub

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I needed a way to get the latest version of a release inside of a bash script. I was thinking of trying to use AWK to get a list of versions and then get the first one from that, but I didn’t really feel like learning all that right now. To accomplish this task, I created a file and put the following code inside of it. github_get_latest_release() { curl --silent "https://api.

Scripting BASH Sessions

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Logging your BASH sessions can be useful to keep a log of what you have done on your computer or spy on other users. This is a basic example of how to use the script program and a login script to automatically create a separate log file for each terminal session. Code The code can be put into one of several different files. ~/.bash_profile would be for per user logging and /etc/profile or /etc/bash/bashrc can be used to log all users on the box.