Debian Mirror Kubernetes

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My brother wrote up a nice article about how to run a debian mirror on kubernetes. I wanted to take it a step further and make it easier to configure without having to rebuild the image to add another repo. It needs to store gpg keys and some apt sources.list files to make it easy to use the repo. We will also enable directory browsing with NGINX. Dockerfile A simple Dockerfile to create the image our cron jobs will use.

Mounting an NFS Share in a Kubernetes Pod

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There are a couple of ways to mount a NFS volume in a Kubernetes Pod. This will go over mounting a share from an NFS server on to a directory inside of a Kubernetes Pod and is probably most simplistic way to accomplish this. You will need a server already set up and running NFS and a kubernetes cluster. NFS Server For my server I have the following set up in my /etc/exports file.

Kubernetes Non HTTP HTTPS Ingress Ports and NGINX

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Kubernetes makes it really easy to work with HTTP/S websites as containers. Most ingress controllers work out of the box with them. But, I needed a way to use it with a different TCP service, such as SSH on TCP port 22. I am running this on Rancher 2.5 with Kubernetes 1.19. I don’t know if how it sets up the networking in Kubernetes is any different than any other setup.